Download the Nematool app on your mobile phone.

a. If you have an iPhone/iPad: device: go to the App Store and search for “Nematool”. Once you locate it, click on the “Get” button to download it.

b. If you have an Android: go to the Play Store and search for "Nematool". Once you locate it, click on the "Download" button.


Open the application: After downloading, the application will already be installed on your device and you can now open it.


Register with Nematool: to use our service, we need you to register with your email and a PIN of your choice. We recommend a numeric four-digit PIN.


Add a field: in Nematool, the concept of field and sensor are combined: there is no field without a sensor, and no sensor without a field. Click on the “Add field” button and we’ll guide you through the process.



Switch the device on.

Place the magnet close to the mark on the device until you hear a beep. The next three short beeps will confirm that activation was successful. As the device is delivered in off mode, you only need to switch on once in its lifetime.


Locate the correct location.

For the system to work properly, place the device on the crop line, in a humid area near the roots, slightly offset from the dripper, and avoiding any field margin.


Install the device in the field.

First, remove surface sand before proceeding. If the area is stony, it is recommendable to drill a hole first. This will prevent possible sensor damage. Then completely bury the probe rod (20 cm) in sandy soils. Do not overstrain the probe when inserting into the ground; especially do not hammer the top to insert it.


Link the device to your field using the mobile app.

From the App, scan the QR code on top of the device to link it to the field you’ve chosen. Once the process is finished, you should see “Sensor active” on the newly created farm.


Power off the device.

Bring the magnet close to the mark on the device until you hear seven beeps. The next long beep will confirm that deactivation has been successful.

Nematool Portal

Visit Portal Nematool to learn more about the product and access your private area, where you’ll find complete information on your fields, the evolution of the nematode cycle, data download options, reports and much more.

Start: Nematode model

At transplantation time, click on the “Start nematode model” button. The field will turn green, and will include information on the current generation, and the percentage completed before the appearance of next-generation eggs.

Start nematode model

Start solarization

Number of completed nematode generations.

Percentage completed for hatching of next generation eggs.

Stop the model at end-of-crop time.

Network coverage rate.

My Fields: Nematode model

This screen shows a list of all the fields you have created. For the Nematode Model, each colour corresponds to a different level of development. This example shows what each colour means.

Green (<80%): Wait for a treatment recommendation.

Orange (>80%): Treatment recommendation time coming soon.

Red (100%): Treatment now recommended.

Blue (100%): Treatment time now over. Wait for green colour.

Start: Solarization model

With the sensor installed under the plastic, click on the “Start Solarization” button. The application shows the number of cumulative hours above 38 °C, along with a scale that will help you to interpret solarization quality.

Start nematode model

Start solarization

Number of cumulative hours above 38 °C.

Sensor battery level.

Stop solarization button.

My Fields: Solarization model

The “My fields” screen also shows fields in Solarization. This example shows some of the efficiency levels provided by the application.

Values are for degrees/hours above 38 °C calculated automatically by the device.

Excellent solarization: >3,000 °C.

Good solarization: >1,500 °C.

Moderate solarization: >500 °C.
Low solarization: >50 °C.

Null solarization: <50 °C.

Nematool alerts

Nematool sends alerts automatically even if your phone is locked. This means you don’t need to access the application continuously to know when treatment is recommended.

Example of alert indicating sensor battery is depleted.

Example of a treatment recommendation alert.

Temperature reading only

By selecting this option, you’ll be able to analyse your ground temperature without having to activate any of the models.