What crops can I use Nematool with?

You can use Nematool on crops that are sensitive to Meloidogyne spp, such as zucchini, melon, cucumber, aubergine, pepper, watermelon, tomato and strawberry.

How do I know if the sensor is working properly?

The kit is activated by moving the magnet towards the circular mark located in the middle of the kit body. When you hear three short beeps, it means the probe has been activated successfully. The app will give you a “sensor active” indication. Remember to turn the device off, using the magnet also, on days when not in use to save battery life hours. The temperature sensor is located on the metal rod, so it is recommendable that you touch it as little as possible.

Does the sensor work without network coverage?

No. Make sure you place the sensor in an area where there is good network coverage, or else the device will not work properly. Also, if you place Nematool in an area with poor or intermittent connectivity, battery life can be significantly reduced.

How do I start up the nematode model?

Once Nematool is installed and a field has been created, the device starts sending soil temperature data. To start the nematode model, click on the “Start nematode model” button located at the bottom of the screen. To obtain a correct estimate for optimal treatment time, you should start it from the mobile application immediately after performing transplantation.

When should I stop the model?

At the end of the growth season.

What does the term “Solarization” mean?

Solarization is a method of using solar power to increase soil temperature and control pests, diseases, and weeds. To solarize, cover the ground with a layer of transparent plastic (usually maximum transparency polyethylene) so that it better captures solar radiation, and then water it to allow good transmission of high temperatures from the surface to the deeper layers of the soil.

How do I start the Solarization model?

Once the plastic has been placed on the plot, install the Nematool device. It is important that the metal rod is buried under ground, but the cylindrical body must be located on top of the plastic. Start the model immediately by clicking on “Start Solarization” located at the bottom of the mobile application screen.

What if I have to replace the sensor during the growing cycle?

From the farm already created, and after putting the new sensor in place, link up the new sensor using the mobile application.